A Call For Vision

I have never really been good at the typical school system. Through out my life I have only been able to barely get by in school. I hated the system where it seemed that the way you were judged to be able to succeed was if you could remember something long enough to write it down on a test, not only write something down but write it well, as in no grammar mistakes. No I didn’t write well and I was always slow on tests, I never really got much higher than a C on those things. The thing is I know a lot of people who are really good with the whole school system and were honored because they were such good students and were thought to be able to succeed in life.

I personally have realized something in the last few years. Life and success is not about if you are or are not good at getting high grades. Life and success is about realizing the vision God has given you. A vision is what I did receive at a young age. I won’t go into detail with what my vision is in this blog, but from the very beginning I have been perusing my vision taking classes and working hard during school.. Away from school I continue to walk out the things (Vision) I have been called to do.

I see so many who have “succeeded” in the publics standard but don’t have a clue as to what they want to do. They think that after a few years of college they might find out what to do in life and what their true vision for their life will be. But at the moment most of my peers don’t care. I have known many people that in all aspects are considered smart, honorary students, but they have no Idea of what their calling is.

If there is one thing that this world needs, it would be vision. God has given us all a talent and vision for our lives and we can not afford to have it go un-noticed. To live out our lives fulfilling just our needs is not enough. In life you must find your vision, even if that means going the unconventional way and not going to collage or not taking the classes that you or your parents think you are suppose to take. Going to college or succeeding in classes means nothing if there is no vision behind it. Let the vision God has given you be first in life and the rest will follow.


3 comments on “A Call For Vision

  1. Heather says:

    So true. Grades and measured achievement are so often a distraction in the process of really learning. It has been bliss this semester to read and write essays and have meaningful conversations about the subjects I’m studying without any regard to grades. It forces me to focus on getting better and understanding more instead of comparing myself to an arbirtrary standard. At the same time, I think it is essential to not just throw out grades and the school system because it doesn’t work. Some attempts at moving away from grade-based systems seem to just let everyone off, which is not a step toward better learning. The key in this whole system is that people need to take the initiative to pursue learning themselves, with input and assistance from others, but you can’t really do that in a compulsory setting.

  2. minnowspeaks says:

    I had a professor give his students the options on papers of: grades only, comments only, or grades and comments. I never asked him what the break down was but I suspect most wanted to know their grades. I ended up getting a few Cs and a whole lot of Bs in school because I would get distracted by a “non-essential” idea and spend too much time pursuing it at the cost of focusing on some of the “essentials”. Not sure it hurt me.
    I think the post author is more disappointed at the thought of going through life without a sense of purpose or vision then with how institutions measure success.

  3. striker49 says:

    Yes minnow is right, I am most disappointed about going through life without any vision. I was not trying to say in this blog very much about the school system and I definitely don’t think you should slack off in school.

    The key though is vision, not grades. We must find a way to concentrate on the vision of our lives rather than just having the school system tell you how successful you will be. Yes the grades that we get do sometimes measure our success (in some ways) but I think it is surprising on how many people do get good grades but don’t have any type of vision. Parents especially need to not just look at the grades. I mean just because someone is getting all A’s doesn’t mean he is succeeding in life. Success isn’t about getting a house and being able to raise a family when you grow up.

    Success is about going through life trying to walk on the path that God has set for you. Grades however can be used as a crutch. “Oh I am a good ‘A’ student thus I must be in a good situation.” NOT TRUE! You need to look farther than the school system. You might need to get rid of that crutch to be able to see your true calling.

    You know what I mean?

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