What Can Helping Do?

In my last blog I said that we can no longer take the path of selfishness. Whether it is being selfish by not developing our gifts or using our gifts for selfish reasons, selfishness never is good. I am even willing to go farther than that and say that we can no longer afford to use our gifts in a mediocre way. As in “being a good Christian” and making sure we just tithe or help out with the local food bank every once in a while.

I can throw a lot of statistics at you of how there are so many dying in Africa or how so many live on less then a dollar a day, but I don’t think it will sink in (I have realized statistics rarely do). I mean most all of us know this stuff.

What if I said that your life will not feel completed unless you give your money away and spend you life devoted to helping others? I know this sounds stupid to most but I am absolutely serious. Have you ever been that satisfied by being selfish? There really isn’t any long lasting pleasure in selfishness. When you play a video game you have fun for a while but you need to always get to that next high. Unless you keep going you are never happy for very long. What is the point of getting money? It is so you can spend it and then get more. You need to keep going, you can’t stop for very long or you will just get bored. I can bring up a ton of things and the same concept applies.

With helping others something else is applied. If I helped John Doe buy a house, I could always look back and see the profit in what I did. When I draw something to help people see the need to help people in Africa, I can always see the value in the drawing. When it is about helping others their really isn’t a limit to how satisfying it can get. The blessing you gave could last for someone’s whole life.

You could sit back and not take any chances and thus not feel many of the hardships of life. You can just not bother to push yourself and in return you probably will be safe without the chance of dying or living on the edge where people go without food, water or the luxuries of life. But I can tell you one thing. There will be little satisfaction and much suffering of others if you choose to take this route.

I am asking you to be about helping others. I am telling you to do this because helping others always will feed our spirit as well. We were made to be about others. If we work to satisfy our own bodily/worldly needs there is nothing but suffering when we get to the core. But if we work to fill other people’s needs then we aren’t working for the world and ourselves, we are working for something so much greater and that is where we are the most satisfied. We were meant to praise the Lord and we praise him by being about others rather than ourselves.


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