A Gift That Was Missed

I put my hands on the chair during worship at church. When the music starts to play I get very still, thinking for a few minutes, not trying to exactly get in my spiritual grove but just think about life and God. It really isn’t a huge sight or anything but most of the time I get “in the moment”, where I forget about the people around me and start just thinking about the beautiful music being played. Then it happens. I start to hit the chair in front of me. I don’t really think about it but I am trying to go with the beat of the music. The chair is like a drum and I just start tapping it. I don’t think I am too loud or distracting but really, I don’t care. I am in the moment.

The thing is God truly gave me a gift with music. I was very musically inclined as a kid. I loved the music that came from most the Disney films I watched. I always had the feeling that I could make those noises and always wanted to do something like the drums or the violin.

However I did not begin to get any instruction with music until 7th grade. In the 7th grade I began piano lessons along with my brothers. I was being home schooled at the time but we did have a piano and my neighbor volunteered to give us some lessons. I wasn’t too big on the idea. I mean I liked music but I didn‘t like practicing or instruction and piano wasn‘t the instrument for me. I would need to miss like a bunch of TV shows and put like a ton of time into practice. That just didn’t seem to be my cup of tea.

Well, my mother ended up pushing me into the lessons. And I fell in love with it. I can remember the first time I learned a song, “When The Saints Come Marching In”. I played it all the time. I loved the feeling of me myself making music. I, not anyone else was creating a beautiful sound that rung throughout the house. I also was learning much faster then my brother. I truly had a gift, it came naturally.

Many years later I took a test measuring all aspects of my intelligence. I was not taking any piano lessons at the time. Piano along with all other types of music ended the year after I started the lessons. We moved out of our house leaving the piano and neighbor who gave me lessons behind.

The test however was surprising. I knew I liked music but did not think much of it. I did take piano lessons for about a year but I did not remember how to play any of the music anymore. Music intelligence however was the second highest score I had in the whole test. Think of it as a pie graph the two largest pieces of the pie (by a considerable amount) were spatial intelligence and musical intelligence. I could understand spatial, I mean I am an artist and you need to be able to know how to work with space if you want to be good at art. But why would I score high at all with music? I mean I only took music for one year in my life.

The real thing is that I missed a gift. God truly gave me a gift in music and I often think of how it would have been like, if I decided to use the gift God gave me. I mean it wasn’t just like beginners luck when I was taking piano lessons. I was really talented, I had a feel for the sounds coming from the keys, the sounds were not just interesting and fun to me but more importantly they were speaking to my soul..

Looking back, deep down I realize I saw this calling toward music, but I chose to drop the ball and not pursue a gift that God truly gave me. God has been kind enough to give me a new calling that even deals with music a bit. But my question is how many visions or passions will we pass up because following them takes us on a path less walked on? When are we going to decide that the passions God has given us are more important than anything else? It doesn’t matter what society or your friends or your parents think? What matters is our heart and the calling of our soul.


A Cry For Godly Men

What makes a Godly man? If you are for “life”, against gay rights and are a consistent church goer you are considered a “good Godly man” by most Christians. Now, if you are for “choice” and for gay rights, I don’t know if even going to church could save you from the condemnation of most “Christians”. Abortion and gay rights are two views that are HUGE in the Christian world. Let’s take President Bush and President elect Obama as examples. I personally have many friends who think that President Bush is a good President/man because he is against abortion, against gay rights and he openly confesses his faith to the public. Now Obama is for abortion rights, for gay rights. I have had many friends who call him a deceived man and call those who chose to vote for him, people who have chosen the path of darkness (even though he confesses his faith).

I think there is more to God then being willing to call Him savior and being against gay and abortion rights. Actually I know there is. I am making a call to Christians to see the good in what you would call non-Christians. The cry of my heart is for all of us to see the passion and God given vision in others.

Gandhi did not claim Jesus as savior but still had a vision of saving others and giving them freedom. He did many things wrong (like all of us Christian and non-Christian do) but still moved in the heart of NATIONS. It is time for all of us to see the power of God in others. If we choose to see only the darkness we will never be able to show others the light. Take a hold of what others say and do, and pray against the evil and praise the good.

Did you know Hitler was a watercolor artist? I did not see very many of his paintings but the ones I did see were not filled with tears and blood shed. Instead I saw beautiful buildings with great lighting. Every man has good in them. Jesus did indeed die for us, all of us. We must treat all as children of God or there will truly be Hell on earth, not after we die but truly on this earth.

I see people who are in Hell all throughout the world, because they are left to feel worthless. They do not see their strengths but only their weaknesses. People go their whole lives consumed by money, drugs, and starvation, never being told that God cares about them and is in fact with them.

A Godly man isn’t the one who says he/she is against abortion and gay rights. It is not even about going to church. If you are able to look beyond yourselves and toward others, then you have made the first step to becoming a Godly man.