A Cry For Godly Men

What makes a Godly man? If you are for “life”, against gay rights and are a consistent church goer you are considered a “good Godly man” by most Christians. Now, if you are for “choice” and for gay rights, I don’t know if even going to church could save you from the condemnation of most “Christians”. Abortion and gay rights are two views that are HUGE in the Christian world. Let’s take President Bush and President elect Obama as examples. I personally have many friends who think that President Bush is a good President/man because he is against abortion, against gay rights and he openly confesses his faith to the public. Now Obama is for abortion rights, for gay rights. I have had many friends who call him a deceived man and call those who chose to vote for him, people who have chosen the path of darkness (even though he confesses his faith).

I think there is more to God then being willing to call Him savior and being against gay and abortion rights. Actually I know there is. I am making a call to Christians to see the good in what you would call non-Christians. The cry of my heart is for all of us to see the passion and God given vision in others.

Gandhi did not claim Jesus as savior but still had a vision of saving others and giving them freedom. He did many things wrong (like all of us Christian and non-Christian do) but still moved in the heart of NATIONS. It is time for all of us to see the power of God in others. If we choose to see only the darkness we will never be able to show others the light. Take a hold of what others say and do, and pray against the evil and praise the good.

Did you know Hitler was a watercolor artist? I did not see very many of his paintings but the ones I did see were not filled with tears and blood shed. Instead I saw beautiful buildings with great lighting. Every man has good in them. Jesus did indeed die for us, all of us. We must treat all as children of God or there will truly be Hell on earth, not after we die but truly on this earth.

I see people who are in Hell all throughout the world, because they are left to feel worthless. They do not see their strengths but only their weaknesses. People go their whole lives consumed by money, drugs, and starvation, never being told that God cares about them and is in fact with them.

A Godly man isn’t the one who says he/she is against abortion and gay rights. It is not even about going to church. If you are able to look beyond yourselves and toward others, then you have made the first step to becoming a Godly man.



One comment on “A Cry For Godly Men

  1. minnowspeaks says:

    Here’s a link you might like. It reminded me of some of your posts/discussions.

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