The Wings Of His Presence

I am standing safe

I can see the beautiful landscape and marvel at the great mountains infront of me

The wind blows toward me and I am at ease with its cool feel

Then I hear a whisper


I look around and can’t see anything

I hear it again as if coming from the wind itself


In front of me is a ledge, I am afraid to go close

I am comfortable where I am.

I then raise my face

feel the wind’s powerful presence

My senses feel heightened with my surroundings

I close my eyes and am devoured with a warmth

truly I am at my happiest

This must be the presence of God

The earth down below begins to rumble


I hear, as if coming from the mountains in front of me

I am shaken to the core

My eyes widen and I slowly walk toward the ledge

Looking down I see far below small ledges sticking out and beyond darkness

I feel a dark chill flow through my body

I step back

I bend down put one knee on the ground

I bow my head and feel my heart pump faster than ever before


I hear as a whisper again

My head is bowed lower to the ground, now frightened by what is asked of

“Come, and I will make you a light of nations”

I feel the sun on my shoulders, and look up

again I am marveled by the mountains

A passion grows in my soul

I stand

I slowly walk toward the ledge

I come to the edge now more scared then ever before

My toes grip the ledge

I stop and look up into the sun

It does not hurt my eyes

The wind blows now toward me and the spirit moves through me

I hear the cries of the hungry

I hear the cries of those who are lost

I hear the bitter quietness of those who have fallen back

Into comfort

I close my eyes


And fly