A Waist of Time?

A passion in my soul has arisen. Why do I do what I do? Many people should ask themselves this question. I mean I would say I do art because I feel that I am gifted at it. Or, I study film because it inspires me. But those two things are done very little by me if I really think about it. I mean, I spend most of my time complaining about hyper spiritual Christians and watching mindless television that does not effect me in the least.

I can say that I don’t waist as much time as most of my friends. Or, what I do when I waist time is much more productive then some people. But I really don’t know if this is true and it will not help me in any way.

Why do we make excuses for neglect and lack of vision?

It might have to do with us being born with a “sin nature”. We might just be born with a inherent, “I don’t give a dam”. But, “I don’t give a dam”, is no fun. I mean I have seen many people who do not really care about life but none of those people I have seen who just “don’t care”, seem very happy.

A harsh thing time is. I always seem to worry about time and if I am using it wisely. I have come to the conclusion that worrying about wasting time is a waist in itself.

So what do I do? I guess I need to just not waist time. It is not about constantly checking yourself and trying to measure if you are wasting time or not. It is about going for the things you choose and not stopping. I believe everyone can find a vision and I think that should be all of our goals.

There is so much that needs to be done and so many who are just right for the job of doing these things. Life is not a right, it is a gift. A gift that we have been aloud to use as we wish.


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