Why is this nation blind? Why are we not able to see the suffering and death throughout the world? Why do we still not realize that revenge will only bring more sorrow and neglect will only allow the sorrow to happen? Why are most people not pushing forward but instead falling backwards? I think I know a partial answer to all these questions. We have forgotten.

No longer do we remember what we have been taught and what our elders have seen. As a nation we have neglected the past and thus have chosen not to see. The past is our sight into the future. Without past events to guide us we do not have any idea on what works and what doesn’t. Too often we reject those who have seen and experienced the past. A typical teen is more likely to complain to their peers then to embrace them. The inspiration that has come from great people in the past is no longer seen let alone heard. Without a past you are like a human surrounded by the wilderness with no tools to survive.


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