The “Good Feeling”

The good feeling is often what Christians look for when it comes to God. We often want to be empowered and get drunk in His presence.

There are times that I feel I could move mountains with Gods help. I have gone to worship seminars and truly felt the presence of God. It was overpowering, I was drunk in the spirit and needed to sit down. Many of my Christian friends know this feeling. When you are so blasted by God that you feel as though you can do anything.

But, so often we do nothing. Often it becomes a high for ourselves and not about other people. Have you ever thought that you can be selfish with the presence of God?

Being a Christian is not about being drowned in Gods presence.

Being a Christian isn’t about feeling huge doses of God and thus being able to call down fire from the heavens or being able to part the Red Sea. It is about what you do in the darkest of times. It is about what you are able to do with the gifts God has given YOU.

We as Christians look at how Jesus healed the sick and how Moses separated the Sea and tell ourselves that we need to do that. Many of us think that God’s presence is when you feel really happy and you want to dance. Have you ever wondered if God is moving in you just as much when you want to cry after seeing the brutality of starvation?

I think your faith in God is measured in how you act when the lights go out. Are you able to stand strong or do you retreat to the place of comfort?

Are you able to keep on walking?

The “tough times” when you feel as though you have NOTHING, are the times where your faith is being tested. Will you be able to still grab onto the dream God has given you? When your rent is due and you don’t have money to pay it off, will you still be able to help the person who is living on the street?

Your calling by God can very easily be about healing the sick and turning water into wine but it just as easily could be something completely different.

Our views need to go beyond the Ups and Downs or our definition of “Great” miracles. We are limited if we concentrate on those things. Our faith needs to be in the hands of the unseen. We must be able to realize that we do what we do for God and not the other way around.

When it is truly about God and not about ourselves, we can NOT be stopped and will find our CALLING.


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