Selfish Christianity

For some reason we have been taught that Revival is supposed to make us “feel good”. We are supposed to see the true power of God, in having the lame walk and the blind see by us merely touching them. “The true power of God”, is shown by what we can do for others, without really needing to put the effort into getting to know them or finding out what they truly need. We base, how powerful God is, by how much we can feel Him and how helpful He is to us.

God and Revival, my friends, has become a very Selfish thing.

Because we have made God and Revival be about us, we are not able to have a consistent faith. It is true that you can go to Church or a few big conferences and get all hyped up about God. But, the “spiritual high” is not what keeps the boat floating. When we make God be about, us being able to “truly feel” Him, we put a limit to what He can do.

Many people have shouted out for Revival and have told me that they want nothing but to follow God. If that is truly the case, the answer is easy. Bring Revival and follow God. Nothing is holding you back. The only thing it requires is selflessness. Jesus explained many times in the Bible, that He is about helping others. No matter how bad it got, Jesus stayed true to His word and chose to be selfless and sacrifice it all so that He could help us.

When we stay true in our faith during the storms as well as the clear days, we will start to make a difference. Our heart MUST be set on the people who need help, no matter how bad the weather is for us.

At the lowest of points, will you have the faith the move forward? True Revival does not stay in a building or just last for a few days. Revival is about the every day life you lead. Revival is about pushing yourself to get better even though the world is trying its best to keep you numb. When we are more interested in serving God then ourselves, Revival will come.

So many people seem to be standing around looking up in the air convinced that soon they will see the “Miraculous Power of God”. I look up and just see the sky, but when I look around I begin to see people crying for help. Few seem to be helping them however, most Christians I talk to, are just too worried that they will miss “God”.

Why do we let “God” get in the way of the people who need our help? When a young woman comes to our door with a baby in her hands asking for help, do we tell her to, “go to God with your problem“? This is an example of where the world and Christianity is at. The world is in desperate need for help, but we often do not want to get involved. We tell them to go to Church or tell them that We will “pray” for them, but we rarely do anything.

God Wants us to be His hands and feet. He is crying out for you and me to do something for those that need help. But often, it seems, we ignore God. We often use the Church and God as an excuse not to get involved. We say that these people will get better when Revival comes. We often think that we must wait and “pray” for it to get here. Revival is already here, it only requires us to step up and choose to walk in our faith.

Your faith is not measured by how many physical healings you see or Church services you go to. It is about the actual change in your life. Your faith is measured by how much you are willing to give to God no matter how hard it is or where it takes you.

Let us not just look for God in the parting of seas or moving of mountains. Let us see God in the true changes of peoples hearts, after you choose to get involved. Let us make the Church be about feeding the hungry and sheltering the homeless, rather then just the Sunday Church service and weekly youth group. God is so much more then a quick “high” or occasional healing. Revival and God, is about a consistent walk in the true calling of your heart.


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