One of the first movies I remember ever watching was BAMBI. It was interesting, I did not really pay much attention to the masterpiece background paintings or powerful pieces of animation. At least I did not pay attention to them then, like I do now.

When I first watched BAMBI I was far too caught up in the humor of Thumper and the beauty of the forest to even have a thought to it not being real. To me, BAMBI was as real as anything else I saw in life. I was caught up in the characters, as though they were my own friends. I remember always loving the beginning, where we see young Bambi explore the woods and meet Flower the skunk and Thumper the rabbit. It was so funny too see Bambi try to skate on ice. I couldn’t believe that anyone could skate on ice with the kind of small feet Bambi had. I really felt sorry for Thumper’s efforts when, trying to make Bambi skate, turned into running for his life because Bambi did not know how to steer or stop and ended up pushing Thumper to the bank of snow. It was the simple things that pleased me about the movie BAMBI.

I also remember feeling the pain of Bambi’s loss. The pain I felt when Bambi was told that he could not be with his Mother anymore, was almost intolerable. I could not imagine not being with my mother at my young age.

I did not really understand why Bambi would fall in love with Faline and was sort of mad at him for doing so. But this did not make me less scared about the ANGRY buck Ronno, coming out of nowhere to bully Faline into going with him. No matter how many times I watched the movie, when Runno came out, I was always surprised and I could feel my heart sink. The sound I heard drew me even farther into the movie. Runno had his head bent, ready to fight Bambi to the death. He was pushing Faline away, the music got louder the more aggressive Runno became. Finally Bambi chose to fight, and I saw a hero charge into BATTLE. I couldn’t say anything but I wanted with all my heart for Bambi to win. I remember the contrast of color and the collaboration of music all pushing my emotion of fear for Bambi’s sake. Mere drawings were bringing my imagination to places never yet explored. FINALLY, Bambi threw Runno down the hill and had WON the battle. Oh the Joy I felt!!!

From there on, Bambi moved from just being a friend to being a character that I looked up to. Bambi was a hero that did many amazing things. I still remember the first feeling I had when Bambi’s father begged Bambi to “get up” just after Bambi got wounded by a hunter. This was toward the end of the movie and Bambi’s life was at risk. The fire was spreading and I knew that if Bambi did not get up, he would surly die. The persistence in the father’s voice moved me. I did not think the father truly cared for Bambi until then but seeing that the dad was not willing to leave his son behind was moving and made me realize that the father’s strict relationship was to make Bambi become stronger so when the time comes, Bambi could “Get up”. Bambi did get up and escaped the danger of the forest fire.

The picture of seeing the Great Prince of the Forest, Bambi, take his thrown at the top of the mountain, at the end, became one of my greatest symbol as a child and has stayed with me ever since.

I can say even now that movie BAMBI, is a masterpiece. It has been amazing to see all the small detail that was put into the story. Walt Disney and his artists were considered some of the best at story telling and now I can see why. Bambi is a representation of the true blood and sweat that went into a movie to further the points that most people now a days won’t even think of.

In the movie Bambi, you see drawings come to life, your see impressions and paint strokes become more real then a lot of what we interact with each day. Walt Disney made us go deep into our emotions, he made us think of the pleasures and sorrows of life, through everything working with each other. The music, the colors, and the movement complimented each other. In the scene with Runno, you feel the tension in the music, in getting more suspenseful the farther along we go, along with the extreme contrast of color to push the emotions that we are supposed to feel, combined with the dramatic movement in the drawings hitting extreme pose after extreme pose to make us think that Bambi is using all the strength he has.

Bambi to me was more then just a movie. I could see characters that actually lived and situations that ring true for me in real life. Something like, the death of Bambi’s mother, is shunned now a days out of fear of not being understood by the audience. Walt however, had confidence in even the youngest of Children, that they would see that you can draw strength from a loss and cherish life all the more, as Bambi did.

I will always remember Bambi as a symbol of persistence. I find great persistence through the story and how it was made. It was one of the first movies to give me hope, that you can push through even the hardest of events to find the beauty in life and I began to realize that a true Dreamer has no bounds.


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