It is amazing how some problems are elevated to super stardom while others are mostly ignored by the Christian community. Homosexuality and Abortion are the two big issues for most Christians now a days. I wonder why? I agree abortion is a big problem. It is very sad to think about the millions of babies who die every year with no hope of making a choice for themselves. In regards to homosexuality, that is something I will maybe try tackling some other time.

My problem is the concentration we seem to have on these two issues to the exclusion of other important issues and the way we go about “dealing” with them. A sin is a sin and I do not think God wanted us to think of one as worse than another. I also feel as though we are trying to stop the result of a bigger issue rather than the issue itself. At least with regard to abortion.

When someone chooses to have an abortion, there usually is some reason behind it. I think finding out the reason behind the choice is the key to stopping abortion. I believe if we looked closely we would see thousands of woman thinking they have no other choice then to go along with an abortion. It is very likely that the girl who is contemplating an abortion, does not have a willing father for the baby. She most likely has already been, or would very soon be, shunned by her own family for getting pregnant and end up with no way to support the child. The girl probably can not think of a reason why she should keep the baby when she can not even take care of herself. The fact that she got pregnant in the first place, usually tells us that the girl does not think very highly of herself let alone her ability to take care of a little child.

So how do we go about changing this? For some reason we think that marching against the abortion clinics and supporting those candidates who are pro life, is the best way to stop abortion.

For all the money and time we have put into rallying against abortion clinics, it only seems to put a wedge between us (Christians) and those we want to reach. Many of us are at least proud that we vote “Pro-Life” during the election time. But where has that gotten us? In all truth, we have had several “pro-life” Presidents sense abortion became legal and they have done very little to turn the problem around.

If we want to stop Abortion, we will need to do what we humans seem least prone to do. We will need to find a way to forgive and reach out to those in need. True change, can only be built through relationship.

True relationship takes time and it can not be one sided. The relationship must go both ways. Are we as Christians, willing to truly look at the reasons why someone considers abortion? Do we have the strength and patience to go deeper and find the source of the problem? Do we have the time and the love to help support the person deal with the pain of an unwanted pregnancy? Are we able to open up to them?

We must be able to look past the sin. To stop abortion, we must stop concentrating on the result and start looking at the cause. There are millions of shattered hearts out there, all crying out in some way for help. Helping those hearts will take more time then a rally on a clinic and it will take more dedication then voting for a pro-life candidate. If we are to solve abortion, we will need to show the love of Jesus.

Much easier said then done.


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