One Step At a Time

I have seen a fair amount of coverage on the Haiti devastation and it is good to see many stepping up to help in this great time of need. However, there has been speculation by many Christians that the devastation on Haiti was a judgment, or a message, from God to have the people of Haiti turn from their wicked “Voodoo” ways.

I do not think God is one to judge people through mass destruction. I realize that I might be accused of going against many interpretations of the Bible here. But, when I look at the example of Christ, I see someone who is more interested in having others find out who He is through His love and not through punishing them based on what they “deserve”.

The reason why I serve the God I do is because He first was willing to serve me. What effects me the most about reading about Christ’s walk on earth is seeing His willingness to be the “least of these“. It boggles my mind to think that the authority of the Universe came down to this earth as a servant, a holy and powerful King, who was willing to sacrifice it all for us “filthy rags’ (also referred to as mankind).

I so often hear of God’s power being related to “great miracles or “huge phenomenon of mass destruction”, in order to “send a message”. Often I hear about the “end times” from my Christian friends. The talk mostly consists of how “GREAT” it is going to be when Jesus comes back and how “We will finally see God in all His Power”. For most Christians, God is supposed to be a “Great Adventure”, far more “epic” then any movie or story we have ever heard.

God is talked about as if He is so Great we have no hope of ever getting to Him. We make God be more and more and more until we give up because there is no way to reach Him.

I think we use examples like Haiti’s disaster being judgment from God  as excuses for our laziness. We say that God moves in “Great Miracles” because we are not interested in the little steps it takes to change peoples lives. The “Great Adventure”, is often worked up to be so “Grand”, that we stop and turn away when the actual journey becomes a grind and we see any difficulties or hardships come our way.

The problem with making our walk in Christ so “Great”, so “Magnificent”, and so “Grand”, is that we forget about the small steps it takes to make an actual difference in this world.

Our “Great Adventure”, starts with one step at a time. The “Great Miracle” is just as much having a friend to lean on, as it is having a broken arm healed. God’s voice is not heard nearly as well through mass destruction, as it is through mass devotion to the helping of others.

God. Is. Not. Untouchable. God is not hiding. God’s. Cry. Is. Clear.  He wants us to be His hands and feet. God has shown Himself through those in need. The question is, will He be seen through us?  Will we choose to follow Him? Will we choose to follow God on the path less traveled by? Will we choose to drop our selfish greed and truly go on the “Great Adventure” through the paths of uncertainty and on the roads of hardship?

The great power of my God, is that He is relational. We do not deserve God’s mercy, yet He has given it. Jesus, the King of Kings, came down to this earth and sacrificed his life for me. I only pray that I am able to do the same for Him.


One comment on “One Step At a Time

  1. minnow says:

    Well said!

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