Easier Said Then Done

“It’s not that I don’t want everyone to go to heaven. I do!”, is the sort of line I get A LOT when I am talking to a fellow friend about the doctrine of Hell. I have been warned numerous times to be careful that I am reading the actual Bible rather then what I want it to be saying. For some reason almost every person I debate with about the Doctrine of Hell, seems to think that they would be just fine and even want everyone to be saved, “just that is NOT how God works“.

So I might be one of the only Christians that does not know whether or not I “want” everyone to be saved. I mean I guess I could say something like, “I want everyone to be saved!” out of ignorance, but I do not feel like it rings true. There are and have been some really evil people out there. Can we really say that we want someone who is responsible for the murdering of thousands if not millions (Hitler, Caesar, Kiangsi Kahn, etc…) to be saved? Can someone look at a man who is raping their daughter and say that they still love them? Sorry that I bring up horrific images, but they get more and more common every day.

I was walking home from work the other day and someone screamed at me, scaring the HIBAJEEBIES out of me. It was around midnight and they were doing it just for “fun”. I personally did not think it was “FUN”. I was angry and was tempted to throw a rock at their back window (10 year baseball pitching experience). It is sort of funny, because what I was doing before those people interrupted me, was praying.

When I say that I believe that God has everlasting love for even the least of us I am talking about a truly AMAZING thing. To love, is a very hard thing to do. To have everlasting love, is something that I can not come close to putting my head around. Love demands for you to be selfless and humble. Two qualities even “Christians” have a really hard time with.

Instead of throwing the rock, I chose to pray for the people who yelled at me. It was HARD!!! I needed to grit my teeth and work hard to find meaningful words to pray for these people. It is easy to say something but often it is really hard to actually mean it.

I am not an expert at loving. I have a very hard time trying to love those who are even the closest to me (sometimes they can be harder to really love). I think that everlasting love is something ONLY God can do. It is not a small thing to say that God has EVERLASTING love. But He does.

Even though we might falter, even though we might not believe it or accept it, Jesus loves us. He loves us to the point that we put Him on the cross and He still asked God to forgive us. Jesus will ALWAYS be there for us. This is something I can not say about myself.

I think that the true risk and the hardest thing of all is to be able to love those who do not deserve it. Believing that all will be saved is HARD (at least for me), but it is also exciting. It gives me hope for mankind and compassion for even the most evil people. I am a man with faults who will miss his chance to love some people who might need it, but I serve a God who loves without restriction and without measure and whose bond can not be broken.


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