The Passion of Evil

One of the greatest needs for Christianity is to truly take a look at how powerful and full of passion evil is. I look at the mass amounts of murder and abuse, that happen in this world and can not but help to feel weak compared to all that evil. The passion of evil is getting stronger.

People have done truly “great” things with evil. Pick a small subject like sports. Mark Magwire, Barry Bonds, Roger Clemens, are only a few people who have done great things by going an evil and selfish route. They broke some of the greatest records in baseball. They have all been idolized and have been well paid for their success. The problem is they have tarnished their reputations and the sport by taking illegal steroids to enhance their body and stats. Mark Magwire even admitted he was using steroids throughout his career and during his famous record breaking 70 home run season.

I, being a huge baseball fan, am very sad over what these people have done to the game. But, their passion for evil compares little to those who commit mass murder, who keep the child sex slave industry thriving, or those whose hearts are so turned toward money and worldly possessions they forget about humanity all together.

The passion of evil is getting stronger and it finds its roots in greed. We all have the tendency to be greedy. Americans are experts at the trade. Yet most of us do not even see our greediness. The fact is we Americans expect to have indoor plumbing and electricity. We want our own bedrooms and more than one bathroom. Most of our families have more than one car, and at least two TVs. We own more than one pair of shoes, a closet and dresser full of clothes. We have our own computers and cell phones and MP3 players, not to mention CDs and DVDs and… All this wealth, compared to the rest of the world, exposes our greed. But the sad truth is that barely touches the surface.

The people who are not bound by slavery, starvation, or violence, who can truly make a difference in this world, seem to be stuck. We seem to be stuck. We have bought into the philosophy that, “we only need to worry about ourselves.” We have told ourselves, “If I am not part of the problem, I do not need to worry about the solutions.” Even Christianity has become more of a safety blanket then armor for battle.

The passion of evil is getting stronger and the passion for good is getting weaker. Many Christians seem to be saying it is too late; the passion of evil is a sign of the “end times” and we can not do anything about it. So instead of stepping up and changing the world, they have been rendered inactive through their own belief system. Some even seem to want to see the world destroyed.

The passion of evil is getting stronger. So, how can we fight this passion, we see evidenced in people like Adolf Hitler and Joseph Kony? History has taught us about Hitler. He was not going to stop until he took over the world. Tragically, I can not help but be in aw of people like Hitler and Kony.

Joseph Kony has inspired thousands to follow him and forced others to comply. He is the leader of the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA), in Uganda. He used guerrilla warfare to establish and maintain a theocratic government he claims is based on the Christian Bible and the Ten Commandments. Since 1986 Joseph’s army has adducted a estimated 30,000 children and displaced more then 1.6 million people. There have been hundreds upon hundreds of families that have been ripped apart and slaughtered because of the passion of evil in this man.

The passion of evil is getting stronger. Alone, we have little power compared to the evil in this world. Yet, despite the darkness I see a light. No matter how overwhelming evil gets there will always be a light.

The light is God, and He has not given up on this world. He is a flame that wants to ignite us with goodness, love, and compassion. He calls us to fight, to put on our armor and pursue the dreams He has given us.

Just fending for ourselves is not good enough. The only reason Hitler was stopped is because millions of good people stepped up to stop him. Evil will not stop itself. It must be stopped by good. God has planted a light in all of us, a desire to do good and follow Him. We can no longer hide the light, we must let it shine.

The passion of evil is getting stronger. How will the light respond?


One comment on “The Passion of Evil

  1. Peter says:

    For and in-depth look at Joseph Kony and the LRA, see the book, First Kill Your Family: Child Soldiers of Uganda and the Lord’s Resistance Army.

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