White Noise

I can not tell you how long I have wanted to write a piece on Donald Trump. Maybe this is just an example of laziness but my first draft  was started well over a year ago. Yet again and again I seem to stumble. The point I thought was so vivid just a day ago tends to be overcome by something different the next day. Why is this? The key I believe revolves around Trump’s true source of inspiration, chaos.

Our President thrives on chaos. He dines on it morning, noon, and night. He is a master at distracting the audience in order to avoid being pinned down on anything. I am not simply talking about policy. He avoids being called out in regards to his personal practices, beliefs, and principles. He gets away with it due to our nation’s inability to address the lies over the insults. It is a typical bullying technique. As soon as you confront the bully of his manipulation he shields himself by spewing accusations and insults at his accuser. Before we know it we find ourselves five degrees of distraction away from addressing the original issue.

Trump is a pathetic example of a human being. I do not say this lightly. I have studied him in great detail ever since he started running for president. He is a tragic figure, broken beyond repair. Out of the now hundreds of hours of hearing him speak I’ve never heard him acknowledge any weaknesses or build anyone else up at the expense of himself. He is the classic narcissist who has lost all perception of a world without him as the center.

The narcissist can only function through the energy of others. Because his world revolves around himself, he must have the rest of us support his narrative. Trump couldn’t care less whether we acknowledge him through opposition or support. All he needs is the spotlight. Watch his rallies. See when he becomes the most alive. His energy is fed just as much through those chanting against him as those for him. His single function at the moment is to be a vacuum. All our nation’s strength is being sucked up by a man who will never be full; never translate the energy he is sucking up into any kind of substance.

When Trump lies it is for the sole purpose of bending the narrative toward himself. Our job as a society is to change the trajectory of the narrative. We must push through Trump’s deception and redirect the truth toward change and growth. So far the problem has been,every time someone finds the truth they are knocked off course by the power of Trump’s vacuum.

The good news is, we are entirely in control of deflating the monster that is Donald Trump. Once we figure out how to turn off the white noise that is TRUMP, we can address the real issues.


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