My Vision

In this blog I want to cast Vision. I want the world to look at issues in more than one way and not just rely on tradition to guide the course. I have been given a Vision for this world and this is just one way that I have been told to express it. May you see issues in a new light and re-think even the most controversial of things. I pray that it is God who guides my writing. However, no one is perfect and I LOVE debating. So if you have a question or a problem with something I have said, don’t be afraid to comment.

(Here also is a link to my other blog, A Dreamer Walking. This blog is updated far more often then A New Vision. It consist mostly my philosophies on filmmaking and posts on what I have been learning from researching curtain movies and directors. Do Check it out!)


One comment on “My Vision

  1. Nicola says:


    I recently came across your blog via Anthromama’s site, and am very impressed. I am in the process of writing a book proposal re-visioning education and am keeping a record of what propelled this, and is still propelling this vision, via my blog.

    I am keen to link with other like-minded and like-hearted bloggers so I invite you check it out and, if you respond to it, perhaps link to it via your blog:

    Yours warmly,


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