It is amazing how some problems are elevated to super stardom while others are mostly ignored by the Christian community. Homosexuality and Abortion are the two big issues for most Christians now a days. I wonder why? I agree abortion is a big problem. It is very sad to think about the millions of babies who die every year with no hope of making a choice for themselves. In regards to homosexuality, that is something I will maybe try tackling some other time.

My problem is the concentration we seem to have on these two issues to the exclusion of other important issues and the way we go about “dealing” with them. A sin is a sin and I do not think God wanted us to think of one as worse than another. I also feel as though we are trying to stop the result of a bigger issue rather than the issue itself. At least with regard to abortion.

When someone chooses to have an abortion, there usually is some reason behind it. I think finding out the reason behind the choice is the key to stopping abortion. I believe if we looked closely we would see thousands of woman thinking they have no other choice then to go along with an abortion. It is very likely that the girl who is contemplating an abortion, does not have a willing father for the baby. She most likely has already been, or would very soon be, shunned by her own family for getting pregnant and end up with no way to support the child. The girl probably can not think of a reason why she should keep the baby when she can not even take care of herself. The fact that she got pregnant in the first place, usually tells us that the girl does not think very highly of herself let alone her ability to take care of a little child.

So how do we go about changing this? For some reason we think that marching against the abortion clinics and supporting those candidates who are pro life, is the best way to stop abortion.

For all the money and time we have put into rallying against abortion clinics, it only seems to put a wedge between us (Christians) and those we want to reach. Many of us are at least proud that we vote “Pro-Life” during the election time. But where has that gotten us? In all truth, we have had several “pro-life” Presidents sense abortion became legal and they have done very little to turn the problem around.

If we want to stop Abortion, we will need to do what we humans seem least prone to do. We will need to find a way to forgive and reach out to those in need. True change, can only be built through relationship.

True relationship takes time and it can not be one sided. The relationship must go both ways. Are we as Christians, willing to truly look at the reasons why someone considers abortion? Do we have the strength and patience to go deeper and find the source of the problem? Do we have the time and the love to help support the person deal with the pain of an unwanted pregnancy? Are we able to open up to them?

We must be able to look past the sin. To stop abortion, we must stop concentrating on the result and start looking at the cause. There are millions of shattered hearts out there, all crying out in some way for help. Helping those hearts will take more time then a rally on a clinic and it will take more dedication then voting for a pro-life candidate. If we are to solve abortion, we will need to show the love of Jesus.

Much easier said then done.


The “Good Feeling”

The good feeling is often what Christians look for when it comes to God. We often want to be empowered and get drunk in His presence.

There are times that I feel I could move mountains with Gods help. I have gone to worship seminars and truly felt the presence of God. It was overpowering, I was drunk in the spirit and needed to sit down. Many of my Christian friends know this feeling. When you are so blasted by God that you feel as though you can do anything.

But, so often we do nothing. Often it becomes a high for ourselves and not about other people. Have you ever thought that you can be selfish with the presence of God?

Being a Christian is not about being drowned in Gods presence.

Being a Christian isn’t about feeling huge doses of God and thus being able to call down fire from the heavens or being able to part the Red Sea. It is about what you do in the darkest of times. It is about what you are able to do with the gifts God has given YOU.

We as Christians look at how Jesus healed the sick and how Moses separated the Sea and tell ourselves that we need to do that. Many of us think that God’s presence is when you feel really happy and you want to dance. Have you ever wondered if God is moving in you just as much when you want to cry after seeing the brutality of starvation?

I think your faith in God is measured in how you act when the lights go out. Are you able to stand strong or do you retreat to the place of comfort?

Are you able to keep on walking?

The “tough times” when you feel as though you have NOTHING, are the times where your faith is being tested. Will you be able to still grab onto the dream God has given you? When your rent is due and you don’t have money to pay it off, will you still be able to help the person who is living on the street?

Your calling by God can very easily be about healing the sick and turning water into wine but it just as easily could be something completely different.

Our views need to go beyond the Ups and Downs or our definition of “Great” miracles. We are limited if we concentrate on those things. Our faith needs to be in the hands of the unseen. We must be able to realize that we do what we do for God and not the other way around.

When it is truly about God and not about ourselves, we can NOT be stopped and will find our CALLING.


Why is this nation blind? Why are we not able to see the suffering and death throughout the world? Why do we still not realize that revenge will only bring more sorrow and neglect will only allow the sorrow to happen? Why are most people not pushing forward but instead falling backwards? I think I know a partial answer to all these questions. We have forgotten.

No longer do we remember what we have been taught and what our elders have seen. As a nation we have neglected the past and thus have chosen not to see. The past is our sight into the future. Without past events to guide us we do not have any idea on what works and what doesn’t. Too often we reject those who have seen and experienced the past. A typical teen is more likely to complain to their peers then to embrace them. The inspiration that has come from great people in the past is no longer seen let alone heard. Without a past you are like a human surrounded by the wilderness with no tools to survive.

The Wings Of His Presence

I am standing safe

I can see the beautiful landscape and marvel at the great mountains infront of me

The wind blows toward me and I am at ease with its cool feel

Then I hear a whisper


I look around and can’t see anything

I hear it again as if coming from the wind itself


In front of me is a ledge, I am afraid to go close

I am comfortable where I am.

I then raise my face

feel the wind’s powerful presence

My senses feel heightened with my surroundings

I close my eyes and am devoured with a warmth

truly I am at my happiest

This must be the presence of God

The earth down below begins to rumble


I hear, as if coming from the mountains in front of me

I am shaken to the core

My eyes widen and I slowly walk toward the ledge

Looking down I see far below small ledges sticking out and beyond darkness

I feel a dark chill flow through my body

I step back

I bend down put one knee on the ground

I bow my head and feel my heart pump faster than ever before


I hear as a whisper again

My head is bowed lower to the ground, now frightened by what is asked of

“Come, and I will make you a light of nations”

I feel the sun on my shoulders, and look up

again I am marveled by the mountains

A passion grows in my soul

I stand

I slowly walk toward the ledge

I come to the edge now more scared then ever before

My toes grip the ledge

I stop and look up into the sun

It does not hurt my eyes

The wind blows now toward me and the spirit moves through me

I hear the cries of the hungry

I hear the cries of those who are lost

I hear the bitter quietness of those who have fallen back

Into comfort

I close my eyes


And fly

A Cry For Godly Men

What makes a Godly man? If you are for “life”, against gay rights and are a consistent church goer you are considered a “good Godly man” by most Christians. Now, if you are for “choice” and for gay rights, I don’t know if even going to church could save you from the condemnation of most “Christians”. Abortion and gay rights are two views that are HUGE in the Christian world. Let’s take President Bush and President elect Obama as examples. I personally have many friends who think that President Bush is a good President/man because he is against abortion, against gay rights and he openly confesses his faith to the public. Now Obama is for abortion rights, for gay rights. I have had many friends who call him a deceived man and call those who chose to vote for him, people who have chosen the path of darkness (even though he confesses his faith).

I think there is more to God then being willing to call Him savior and being against gay and abortion rights. Actually I know there is. I am making a call to Christians to see the good in what you would call non-Christians. The cry of my heart is for all of us to see the passion and God given vision in others.

Gandhi did not claim Jesus as savior but still had a vision of saving others and giving them freedom. He did many things wrong (like all of us Christian and non-Christian do) but still moved in the heart of NATIONS. It is time for all of us to see the power of God in others. If we choose to see only the darkness we will never be able to show others the light. Take a hold of what others say and do, and pray against the evil and praise the good.

Did you know Hitler was a watercolor artist? I did not see very many of his paintings but the ones I did see were not filled with tears and blood shed. Instead I saw beautiful buildings with great lighting. Every man has good in them. Jesus did indeed die for us, all of us. We must treat all as children of God or there will truly be Hell on earth, not after we die but truly on this earth.

I see people who are in Hell all throughout the world, because they are left to feel worthless. They do not see their strengths but only their weaknesses. People go their whole lives consumed by money, drugs, and starvation, never being told that God cares about them and is in fact with them.

A Godly man isn’t the one who says he/she is against abortion and gay rights. It is not even about going to church. If you are able to look beyond yourselves and toward others, then you have made the first step to becoming a Godly man.